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I work with families and businesses to create beautiful, functional places to live and work.



about me

In my 20-year practice, I've worked on a wide variety of projects at all scales.  They include retail and office spaces, performing arts venues, community service organizations, and homes throughout the Bay Area.

My practice is supported by a network of talented builders, designers, and engineers.

I'm licensed by the State of California.  I hold an undergraduate degree from Northwestern University and a masters in architecture from the University of Colorado, where I was a member of the honor society.


My approach to design is about the fundamentals: how will people use this space?  How can spaces be connected to each other and to the outdoors through views and natural light? 


My designs make everyday activities easier and more pleasant; they create new spaces and experiences while respecting and working within their context.

Balance and harmony are recurring values in my practice; my design work looks for answers to the question, how might those qualities be manifested in this project?


In my work, I listen carefully, pay attention to details and the larger picture, and create relationships of warmth, trust, and respect.

As a designer, I seek solutions that strike a thoughtful balance among considerations that often pull in different directions: the goals of the project, architectural precedent, the constraints and opportunities of the site, and the real-world limitations of building codes, schedules, and budgets.

The end results are buildings and spaces that meet my clients' needs, fit their settings, and stand up to the test of time.

featured projects


We worked with Andrew on a full home renovation with a focus on transforming our living space, kitchen, and bathrooms. Throughout the process, Andrew was great in respecting our ideas and wishes while coming up with a terrific design solution that made our house feel more open and livable without adding significant square footage. He was attentive to our budgets and timelines and a great liaison with our contractor in making sure the plans came to life in a wonderful way.  


Jason and Meredith, Oakland

Andrew helped us design and plan a renovation to our Berkeley home.  It was our first home, and Andrew not only created architectural plans but offered advice and referrals throughout the process, always providing thoughtful answers to our questions.  He's easy to work with, we're thrilled with the results, and feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with him!


Elie and Talia, Berkeley

As far as your design work, it all flows together.  I'm thankful each day when I come home, and when I finally retreat to our master bedroom.  The kids have settled well into their own rooms, and we love our kitchen and eating area and the beautiful view to our backyard.  We really feel like hanging out and spending time there.

Leigh, Oakland

We were very fortunate to have Andrew renovate the kitchen of our mid-century modern home.  As the house was designed by a noted Bay Area architect, we wanted to ensure the kitchen preserved the original design and Andy focused on respecting that lineage while also developing a design that fit with our family's needs and lifestyle. He was patient and always steered us in the right direction. He is knowledgeable, reflective, creative, resourceful, and thoughtful - and he gently, but effectively, voiced his opinion about what would work best. A few times we were distracted by new ideas and trends but Andy brought the focus back to the language of the house and design integrity and we are much happier with the final outcome as a result of his advice and communication style.

Powell and Sungae, Oakland

For years I had known in my head what I wanted when it came time to remodel and add to our home. Then came the task of finding someone to take on this delicate assignment…that's where Andy came in. He took what I had envisioned for years and made it a reality, even more so than I could have imagined.

Debbie, Pleasant Hill

Unlike many designers who consider their work complete once plans have been completed, Andy thoughtfully and thoroughly sees each and every of his projects through to completion. Most notable is his ability to creatively come up with solutions to the various problems that always arise in the course of a construction project, satisfying his clients' aesthetic as well as budget and scheduling requirements. I recommend Andy to any client who is looking for top-quality architectural and design services.'

Tyson (General Contractor), Oakland

Andy was accessible and promptly responded with patience and good humor to our constant questions and requests…even when he didn't quite agree with our choices, he gently made his points but respected and understood that we made the final decisions…he was on our side, our advocate, working with us to get what we wanted. My advice to those facing the task of designing or remodeling—do yourself a favor, work with Andy. We can't recommend him highly enough.

Norah and Mark, San Anselmo



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