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macarthur kitchen

This complete kitchen renovation sought to maximize usefulness in a small footprint.  The previous layout located the sink in the center of the left leg of the “L”, breaking the counter into two less-useful halves; shifting the sink to the end of the leg created a continuous length of working space.  The floating shelf puts frequently-used dishes and other items close at hand.  A smaller-than-standard dishwasher and oven allow for more cabinet space; the tall free-standing cabinet adjacent to the apartment entry stores pantry items, linens, and cleaning supplies, and forms a threshold from the foyer to the apartment proper.  For economy’s sake, the owner opted to keep the fully-functioning refrigerator.

The finishes were selected to create a sense of quiet practicality.  White oak shelving and the owner’s dishes and cookware accent the pale green cabinetry, white quartz countertop, and simple wire pulls.

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